California Final Expense Insurance

Final Expense Insurance is a type of Life Insurance Policy that guarantees all funeral and burial costs will be covered. Also, if you currently do not have Life Insurance and cannot qualify for any policy, Final Expense Insurance is a good alternative to look into.

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What are some final expenses I should plan for?

Final Expense Insurance is also known as Funeral Insurance and tends to be affordable. Listed below are a few final expenses that should be considered

  • Funeral expenses

  • Possible Medical Bills

  • Income your family will lose

  • Debts such as bills left unpaid, mortgage, car payments, etc.

  • Educational expenses for your children

When should I buy a Final Expense Life Insurance Policy?

People usually decide to purchase a Final Expense policy if they can’t qualify for a regular Life Insurance Policy or if they are ill and need an affordable plan. The usual age that people purchase Final Expense Insurance ranges from 50-85.

Will my Final Expense premiums increase?

Your Final Expense premiums will not increase.

How long will my Final Expense policy last?

The way that this policy is designed allows it to last until the insured passes away.

Do I have to qualify for a Final Expense policy?

With the structure of this policy and because the coverage amount is lower than other types of Life Insurance, most of these plans do not require a medical exam. All you usually have to do is answer some health questions on the application and approval should be near.

What is the difference between final expense and whole life insurance?

A Final Expense policy is a type of Whole Life Insurance which is designed to cover end of life expenses. This policy is also much more affordable than a regular Whole Life Policy.