California Group Health Insurance

With the face of Health Insurance changing in today’s market, it is important for an employer to find cost efficient yet great plans for their employees.

Offering Group Health Insurance allows you and your employees to feel safe and has many advantages. Among these advantages are lower prices offered and overall better plans.

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Do I have to provide Health Insurance to my employees?

If you are a small business, you are not required to provide Health Insurance to your employees, although it is frequently requested. However, if you have 50 or more employees that work full-time, your business needs to provide Health Coverage. If you have over 50 employees and do not provide Health Insurance, your business may by subject to penalties.

What are the different kinds of Health Insurance Plans for small businesses?

The Health Insurance Plans for small businesses are similar to individual plans which consist of HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) and PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) Plans. If you have further questions about these plans, please visit.

Should I offer Health Insurance for my employee’s family?

Although it is not required, many employers do offer extended Health Insurance for employee’s family members in which an employee may add their dependent. However, it is the employers choice whether he/she would like to pay for the extended Insurance or if the employee will be responsible.

How much will it cost to provide Health Insurance to my employees?

Like Individual Health Insurance, the cost of purchasing Group Health Insurance depends on various factors. These factors include the amount of employees you have, their ages, the type of coverage offered, and if you want to provide coverage for employee’s family members. Once these factors are found, the cost of the policy can be determined.