California Individual Dental Insurance

Individual Dental Insurance policies are offered to individuals and families that are not covered under their employer.

With increased costs of going to the dentist, many people have started to consider buying Dental Insurance because it helps cover routine preventative care and more serious procedures that might be needed.

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How does Dental Insurance work? What are my costs?

If you have had health insurance, you will be familiar with how a Dental Plan works. To purchase the plan, you pay a monthly premium. Before your plan kicks in, you need to meet your deductible amount which is how much you have to pay out of pocket. After meeting this deductible, every time you go and see a specialist, you will need to make a copayment for your services.

Are there limits to what my Insurance Plan will pay?

Yes, there are limits to what your Insurance Plan will pay. Dental Plans usually come with an annual maximum amount which means the most the insurance will pay for in a year. Each plan has a different annual maximum.

Do Dental Plans cover more serious dental work?

Many Dental Plans do cover more serious work such as extractions, root canals, fillings, etc.

Can I purchase Dental Insurance without having Health Insurance?

Yes you can. Dental Insurance is considered “Standalone Coverage” meaning you could purchase it on its own.

Will my plan cover checkups and cleanings?

Mostly all dental plans provide coverage for preventative care such as cleanings, routine exams, x-rays, etc.

Are Braces or Orthodontic care covered?

This really depends on the plan you purchase. This type of care is covered under some plans, but not many.

Are implants covered under Dental Insurance?

Although Dental Implants are considered a surgical procedure, many providers to do not cover it. However, depending on the plan, your expenses may be greatly reduced.

What types of Dental Insurance are available?

The two main types of Dental Insurance offered include the Dental HMO Plan and the Dental PPO plan. Under the HMO plan you usually have lower premiums, no annual maximum, but you do not have as much flexibility with the doctors you may choose. Under the PPO plan you can expect higher premiums and an annual maximum. However, you have much greater flexibility with the network of doctors you choose.

Is there a waiting period for services once I am covered?

Yes there is. It is never a good idea to wait until you have a problem to get Dental Insurance or any other type of insurance. For your insurance to cover your services, you may have to wait 4,6, or even 12 months.

What is the difference between an in network and out of network doctor?

If you want more affordable care, it is a better idea to stay in network because these doctors have agreed to a lower price on their services. Going out of network tends to be pricier.

Can I keep my Dentist?

Usually you can. Just make sure that when you are choosing your plan, check to see if your dentist is in your plan’s network.